Video Short

With this software you can also make videos and movies on computers running the Windows operating system. If you can use this software, you can become a professional filmmaker and video maker regardless of your experience.

Outstanding features of the software:

Extremely effective short video making tool
Diverse system of effects and tools that are easy to use for beginners
Supports many different audio and image formats
Export videos to many different formats
Edit and preview images and videos

The production department is generally not considered an independent department but rather a series of functional groups, including management and finance departments such as production managers, coordinators and their assistants, accountants, assistant directors; sometimes including the studio manager and assistants. The director is considered a separate member, not part of the organizational structure of this department.

  1. Producer

Producers create the conditions for the production of a film. They initiate, coordinate, monitor and manage issues such as finding funding sources, hiring key personnel and making agreements with distributors – the output of the film. They participate in all stages of a filmmaking project from start to finish.

2. Investors

An investor is someone who spends money on a film project. There can be multiple investors for a film, depending on the financial arrangements.

Production manager

The Production Manager, also known as the Production Manager, oversees the physical aspects (not the creative aspects) of the production, including staffing, technology, budget and schedule. The production manager’s responsibility is to ensure the filmmaking process goes according to plan and within budget. They also manage operating costs such as salaries, production costs, and daily equipment rental costs. The production director usually works under the supervision of the line producer and directly supervises production coordination at the studio.

Unit Producer

The unit producer plays a similar role to the production director, but is located in a secondary unit. In some film productions, the unit producer takes on the role of transportation coordinator.
Production coordinator
Production coordinators are the information nexus of film production, responsible for organizing all logistics such as hiring staff and renting equipment.
Pre-production control
The pre-production supervisor is responsible for supervising the pre-production preparation process. In particular, they maintain transparency of information as well as communication channels between production, editing, sound departments, equipment companies (such as film labs, CGI studios, sound cutting, etc. ) and production accountants. Although they do not have a creative role, they play an important role in ensuring pre-production budgets and all deadlines are met. Since most of a film’s budget is spent during the production phase, the pre-production phase can often be filled with difficulties and challenges.

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