Designer Recruitment

Deadline for receiving applications: 31/10/2023

Are you passionate about creativity? Do you have the ability to breathe life into every work you create? We are looking for creative talents to join our team and give wings to unique ideas!

About us

We are a passionate creative team, working in the fields of art and media. With the goal of bringing unique experiences and new perspectives to audiences, we are constantly looking for creative talents to join us in implementing challenging and promising projects.

Designer Role

As a designer, you will be involved in:

Create creative content, including images, videos, text and more, to contribute to enjoyable experiences for your audience.

Develop new, groundbreaking ideas and constantly explore new perspectives in creative work.

Participate in the process of collaboration and feedback in developing art projects.


  • Passionate about creativity and art.
  • Ability to express ideas and emotions through many creative forms.
  • Skills to work independently and in groups.
  • Understanding of creative tools and software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc.).
  • Ready to challenge yourself and explore new directions in art.


  • Opportunity to work in a creative environment that promotes innovation and discovery.
  • Participate in unique and challenging art projects.
  • Support and develop your creative career.
  • Basic salary and attractive benefits.


If you are confident that you are the creative person we are looking for, please send your resume to [email address] and attach samples of the work you have done. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss more about the opportunity to work with us.

Please join ng team