Applying 4.0 technology trends


Technology 4.0, the 4th industrial revolution or revolution 4.0 are the most mentioned names on forums about science, engineering, economics, health, education, industry… In a word On the other hand, the explosion of 4.0 technology at the beginning of the 21st century has created a fierce wave, covering and positively changing all fields and industries of social life.

1. Technology 4.0 and what you know

1.1 What is 4.0 technology?

“Industrie 4.0” began to emerge from a German government report in 2013, referring to a high-tech strategy, computerizing the manufacturing industry without human participation.

công nghệ 4.0
Technology 4.0 is an effective tool for countries around the world

Simply put, Industry 4.0 is the intelligence of production and management processes in the manufacturing industry. This is considered a “powerful tool” for countries around the world to develop their countries, as well as maintain their competitive advantage in the international arena.
Currently, Industry 4.0 has gone beyond the framework of the German project with the participation of many countries and has become an indispensable part of the fourth industrial revolution.

1.3 Has the 4th industrial revolution opened a new era in the 4.0 technology era?

If the first industrial revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production. The second revolution took place thanks to the application of electricity for mass production. The third revolution uses electronics and information technology to automate production. The 4th industrial revolution is a perfect synthesis, inheritance and creativity when combining technologies together, blurring the boundaries between physical, digital and biological. That is why, the keyword technology 4.0 is always a topic discussed in all aspects of social life.

“Industrial Revolution 4.0” is an achievement of humanity, opening a new era with many opportunities but also many difficulties and challenges. After three pioneering revolutions, the 4th industrial revolution opened spectacularly with the birth of a series of smart technologies applying 4.0 technology.
The 4.0 industrial revolution is developed based on three main pillars: physics, biotechnology and digital technology. Combining all fields to improve the quality of life for people. The emergence of the 4th industrial revolution has helped erase all boundaries between things. This revolution is transforming every industry in every country. The breadth and depth of these changes transform entire production, management and governance systems around the world.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 focuses on digital technology, from the resounding revolutions in history, the 4th revolution was upgraded to a completely new level with the powerful support of the Internet. Smart technology devices, useful for social life. Technology 4.0 helps businesses be more flexible in the production process with a supply chain based on a smart model, thereby producing quality products at low prices, saving time and money. Production expense.
In particular, the 4.0 revolution has empowered business owners to better control and understand every aspect of their operations, allowing instant data to be leveraged to increase productivity, improve processes and accelerate growth. . Thereby improving the quality of life and raising income levels for workers, the country and, more broadly, all humanity.

2. Applying 4.0 technology in the current 4.0 era

2.1Applying 4.0 technology in education

Under the strong impact of the 4.0 industrial revolution, the education system has made strong changes. With the 4.0 revolution breaking out globally, people connect with each other through the internet, for that reason, the process of exchanging knowledge, accessing knowledge, and popularizing new knowledge between teachers and learners must be innovated to keep up with current 4.0 technology trends. The advent of smart devices, smart phones, computers… helps people quickly access knowledge, shortening the gap in accessing new knowledge with learners.

Ứng dụng công nghệ 4.0 trong giáo dục
Technology 4.0 in education helps access knowledge faster, shortening the gap in accessing new knowledge for learners.

Education in the 4.0 digital era is the process of transforming education from equipping knowledge to comprehensively developing learners’ abilities and qualities. The rise and popularity of IOT (Internet of Things) has helped learners proactively access knowledge sources in all fields with just a smartphone connected to Wifi. The teacher’s role has changed from one who teaches in the traditional way (reading and copying) to one who guides and guides to maximize students’ creative and proactive thinking.

The 4th industrial revolution has created many opportunities and challenges for the education sector. With the application of the achievements of the 4.0 revolution, learners anywhere can access the school library for self-study and self-research. Thus, the traditional library model cannot only exist, but schools must build electronic libraries. Or we will have new teaching models such as online training without a classroom, learners will be guided to learn online. Virtual classrooms, virtual teachers, simulated virtual devices, digitized lectures and shared via social networking sites such as Facebook, meeting, zoom… will become a new development trend in the process of conference. Enter numbers to get closer to the goal of developing and building global citizens – digital citizens.

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2.2 Applying 4.0 technology in healthcare

The race for the 4.0 industrial revolution is increasingly strong, intense and has no end in sight, and the health sector certainly cannot stand out of that race. Because 4.0 technology in healthcare is especially important and necessary, it not only supports medical staff in treating and diagnosing disease conditions but also helps people prevent and protect their health to the maximum. when participating in community activities.

Ứng dụng công nghệ 4.0 trong y tế
Technology 4.0 supports doctors in diagnosing and examining diseases quickly and accurately

The clearest evidence is that during the recent Covid -19 epidemic, 4.0 technology has provided effective support in medical declaration. Tracing the source of infection helps Vietnam’s epidemic prevention work succeed. Or online medical examination software at home has been deployed. Helps people not have to go to the hospital but still be diagnosed by a team of specialists 24/7.

In addition, 4.0 technology in healthcare through artificial intelligence AI helps analyze data quickly and accurately, making it easier for medical staff to collect and process data, and provide support. diagnose, research, evaluate results, provide methods or treatment regimens for each specific case… Some large hospitals in the world also apply 4.0 technology to healthcare through Robots to support Highly accurate surgical procedures on behalf of humans.

2.3 Applying 4.0 technology in agriculture

Different from the concept of high-tech agriculture, agriculture 4.0 is a change in management methods in which farmers do not need to appear directly in the production area but still increase productivity significantly compared to traditional methods. old-style agriculture.

Technology 4.0 applied in agriculture brings positive signs. A typical example is the application of cloud computing to provide high quality output products and food safety and hygiene for consumers. Technology 4.0 using the Internet of Things (IOT) will be the door to help explore agriculture in the future. Some or possibly most stages in the agricultural production process will be automated, replacing human labor.

Ứng dụng công nghệ 4.0 trong nông nghiệp
Technology 4.0 helps farmers not need to come directly but still brings high efficiency

Reality shows that Vietnam is an agricultural country, but the process of harvesting, transporting and exporting agricultural products is quite “amateur”, often damaging about 40% of agricultural products, causing great damage to the economy. economy. Not only that, Vietnam’s processed goods and seafood products when exported to foreign countries are often returned due to long shipping times, the goods are impacted and cannot withstand environmental changes, leading to damaged and unusable, causing great damage to domestic businesses. Therefore, applying 4.0 technology to cloud computing in transporting agricultural products is essential, helping to control the temperature in the vehicle; preserving fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables; Prevent seafood from being damaged during transportation.

Talking about 4.0 technology in agriculture, it is impossible not to mention the powerful name – SmartChick. This software will serve smart chicken farming, helping users take care of chickens according to biosafety procedures. With this device, whoever you are, whatever age you are, can raise chickens easily, get quality products without having to worry about knowledge or experience in raising chickens. because SmartChick has done it for you. This is one of the special applications when applying 4.0 technology to agriculture.

In an increasingly developing society, especially 4.0 technology is increasingly popular and easier to use, so applying 4.0 technology to agriculture will no longer be a difficult problem for the vast majority of pure-bred people. shallow. In the world, there are many countries that have successfully applied agriculture 4.0 to agricultural production such as Korea, Japan or some countries with an agriculture equivalent to our country such as Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines…



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Applying 4.0 technology trends

Technology 4.0, the 4th industrial revolution or revolution 4.0 are the most mentioned names on forums about science, engineering, economics, health, education, industry… In a word On the other hand, the explosion of 4.0 technology at the beginning of the 21st century has created a fierce wave, covering and positively changing all fields and industries of […]

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